April 19, 2011

Green Delight

{my afternoon snack}
Springtime not only marks the arrival of beautiful warm weather, but also the arrival of yummy veggies.  I for one have recently become a devout fan of asparagus.  Having grown up in the Caribbean, asparagus was not something you would commonly find in the supermarket and if you did you probably overlooked it.  Now that I live in the U.S.A. it seems that I buy at least a big handful once a week.  I love the fresh, crisp flavor, its low calorie count and all the fiber you get.  Not only is it a great side dish, but I love to prepare it as a snack.  Here is the simple recipe that I follow.

{asparagus gruyere tart by Martha Stewart that I want to prepare}


Marie said...

I love asparagus!:D

***** Marie *****

Alison said...

the asparagus looks so good. we have some growing in our garden. I like the idea from MS in the photo. Following you from MBC